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This post from Garance Dore’s blog is all about Rome, and spot on. If you are lucky enough to be headed to the Eternal City all of the spots she mentions are musts. Especially Sant’Eustachio Il Caffé (for the marocchino) and Bar Del Fico (for the bistecca and cacio e pepe).

If I had a single flower for every time I think about you (Rome), I could walk forever in my garden.  ~ Claudia Ghandi

I am happy to present TIBER RE-BOURNE    t  e  v  e  r  e  b  o  u  r  n  e .

I want to thank everyone who helped me in this process – especially The Spitzer School of Architecture for giving me the opportunity to live in Rome, all of my friends in Rome (you know who you are) who made my time in the Eternal City fantastic, The UW Rome Center, the lovely library at The American Academy in Rome, those who answered my interview questions, DHB for your feedback, RMH who was a perfect travel companion – I would go back to the source of the Tiber with you anytime, and finally Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè.

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A photograph I took in Venice made it into Submissions: Take a Picture of Your Favorite View, by GOOD, the online version of GOOD magazine.  Check out the link here:, and vote!  While I am tempted to ask for your vote (my photo is # 15) I would be happy if you vote at all, as I think all of the photos are lovely.






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Since leaving Rome I haven’t been able to keep track of the water levels of the Tiber, which has been frustrating as December is historically when the the floods occur.  The thought that this is happening in Rome, without me… well, it irks me.  What doesn’t irk me is the annual Roman tradition where divers plunge into the Tiber on New Years Day to welcome the new year.  It is a tradition that dates back to 1946, when a lifeguard who was trying to find work leapt into the waters of the Tiber from the Cavour Bridge to show off his skills.  What I like about this photo is not the most recent icy plunge, but that it gives me an update on what the river is up to.

image via

What I can tell from the photo is that the water level of the Tiber is above the river-walks but not by much.  It is certainly lower than it was in late November 2010.

Some similarities between the old mining town Jerome in Yavapai County, Arizona and Italy…

Plates and metal – Rome, Jerome

Narrow streets – Jerome, Venice

Sloped streets and mixed materials – Jerome, Spoleto

Mixed old and older architecture – Jerome, Venice

Ruins – Jerome, Rome

Marble – Jerome, Rome

Arches – Jerome, Rome

Late afternoon light – Jerome, Rome